Component 1: Climate Resilient Drainage and Flood Mitigation Measures

The component is being implemented by the Ministry of Work and Housing (MWH) and aims at developing sustainable capacity for flood risk management and mitigating flood risk within the Odaw River basin. This will be achieved through structural and non-structural measures.

Structural Measures

  • Deferred and routine maintenance and dredging of the Odaw channel to improve drainage and flood management
  • Development of flood retention basins which will temporary hold some volume of flood running into the Odaw channel during raining season until such a time when the water level in channel goes down before the water in the ponds will be released into the channel.
  • Construction of sand traps on selected tributaries of the Odaw River Basin
  • Repairing and reconstruction of major drains along the Odaw River Basin
  • Replacement of critical bridges that impedes the flow of water in the Odaw Channel
  • Rehabilitation of the Korle Lagoon Interceptor Weir,
  • Reconfiguration of Odaw River outlet into the Sea

Non-Structure Measures

  • Improvement of Flood Early Warning Systems (FEWS) capacity which will give early warning to residents in flood prone areas about an impending flood so they can relocate to a safer ground ahead of the flood.