The Ministry of Local Government and Decentralization has handed over drones to 17 Metropolitan and Municipal Assemblies to aid in monitoring and curbing illegal activities such as dumping refuse in drains. This is to enhance the country’s flood mitigation and sanitation efforts.

Dr Kwadwo Ohene Sarfo, the GARID project coordinator, together with the sector Minister O.B Amoah, inaugurated the steering committee and inter-jurisdictional coordination management to support the GARID project’s efforts to improve flood preparedness along the Odaw River basin.

He emphasized the importance of drones in supporting the Assemblies’ oversight functions.

Dr Sarfo added that the drones are highly advanced and expensive and are not intended for social events. He cautioned the Assemblies to ensure that the drones are used solely for their intended purpose and not misused by staff, appointees, friends, or others. “The drones are supposed to support the Assembly in monitoring the waste hotspots. So the general oversight functions of the assembly are what the drone is supposed to help with. We are cautioning the Assembly that these drones are very expensive.”

He also said, “They are not the ones that you ordinarily see around for programmes like weddings and funerals. So we are cautioning the Assembly not to allow staff, appointees, friends and whoever to utilize the drones for these kinds of social events.”

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