The Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources, in collaboration with the seventeen (17) Metropolitan and Municipal Assemblies under the Greater Accra Resilient and Integrated Development (GARID) Project, has successfully concluded the first phase of “Clean Accra Campaign” in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area.

The combined clean up and heavioural change campaign aimed at promoting responsible solid waste management practices and curbing flooding incidents in communities along the Odaw River Basin.

A total of sixty-eight (68) clean-up exercises were executed across selected communities within the seventeen GARID Project beneficiary Assemblies. The exercises involved cleaning of neighbourhoods and desilting of choked drains to facilitate unimpeded flow of water during periods of heavy rainfall.

The GARID Project Coordinator, Dr. Ohene Sarfoh, expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the first phase of the campaign. “The completion of the initial phase of the “Clean Accra Campaign” marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to enhance sanitation and mitigate the impact of flooding in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area. This collaborative endeavour underscores our commitment to fostering a cleaner and more resilient urban environment,” noted Dr. Sarfoh.

The Director of Environmental Health and Sanitation Directorate at the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources, Mr. Akwettey Sampson, said sustainable waste management practices are integral to building community resilience against environmental hazards. He indicated that by prioritizing the clearance of drains and the removal of solid waste, the Ministry is not only helping mitigate the immediate risk of flooding but it is also also contributing to the overall well-being of communities along the Odaw River Basin.

Integral to the execution of the clean-up exercises were the compactor trucks and solid waste management equipment donated by the GARID Project to the beneficiary Assemblies. This support significantly bolstered the capacity of local assemblies to tackle waste management challenges effectively.

Expressing gratitude for the assistance provided by the GARID Project, the Environmental Health Officer for Ga East Municipal Assembly, Ing. Charles Ampomah Asabrea, said the donation of the trucks and other essential equipment has greatly enhanced operational capabilities of beneficiary Assemblies. “With improved resources at our disposal, we are better equipped to maintain cleanliness and manage waste in our respective jurisdictions.”

At the end of the camapign, all stakeholders expressed commitment towards advancing sustainable solutions for waste management and flood prevention within the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area. They noted that with continued collaboration and dedication, the vision of a cleaner, more resilient Greater Accra Metropolitan Area can be achieved.

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